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Ji Jin is a professional engaged in various types of plastic mold design, manufacture and injection molding processing of production-oriented enterprises.

Product classification and market shares

  • Automoblie Parts

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Daily Supplies


Mold Manufacture

Advanced Hardware and software:
CNC, Spark Machine&Wire Cut: Makino, Fanuc,
Mitsubishi, JS
Precision : CNC- 0.005mm, Slow Wire-
0.005mm, Spark Machine-0.005mm, Grinding Machine-
0.005mm ,Milling Machine- 0.02mm
Uni-graphic, Pro-E, Auto CAD
Design Software: Uni-graphic, Pro-E, Auto CAD
Technology and Support:
Customer Products Analysis
Provide Report of DFM
Provide Report of Mold Flow Analysis
Mold Design and Process
Mold Design and Alter
Trial Production
Design Ability
Previous customer product design support
Previous customer product design support
Mold flow analysis
Design Software: Uni-graphic- 4.0 (2), Auto CAD 2004(5)