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Ji Jin is a professional engaged in various types of plastic mold design, manufacture and injection molding processing of production-oriented enterprises.

company organizational

We adhere to the principle of integrity, standardization and efficiency, win the market with technology, obtain credibility with creative services, and wholeheartedly provide high-quality, efficient and fast service for our customers. Facing the future and adhering to independent innovation.

Our key team

  • Management team

    Our management team has rich management experience, professional complementarity in one, at the same time, has rich industry experience, long-term accumulated project foundation, professional analysis, and enterprise management ability, specializing in exploring enterprise value and providing services continuously.

  • R & D team

    The technology R&D team is composed of more than 10 years of professional experience. It is designed to ensure the advanced and stability of our products in terms of system requirements and product development process, from product design, project development, process control, to process and Tooling Optimization and management.

  • Production team

    We have a high-quality, skilled, young, professional and innovative production team, gathered the technical elites in the field of information management, and have rich industry experience. For the vigorous development of the company to provide a continuous source of vitality and power.